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Email Basic
$6.00 /month
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  • DISK
    10 GB DATA
  • DATA
    10 GB Bandwidth
    3 Emails Accounts
  • TLD
    1 Domains
  • Browser Access
Email Value
$25.00 /month
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  • DISK
    25 GB DATA
  • DATA
    25 GB Bandwidth
    15 Emails Accounts
  • TLD
    5 Domains
  • Browser Access
Email Plus
$45.00 /month
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  • DISK
    50 GB DATA
  • DATA
    100 GB Bandwidth
    30 Emails Accounts
  • TLD
    10 Domains
  • Browser Access

Why Choose Webmail Email Hosting

Also available with any cPanel web hosting service.


Best value email hosting option

Unlike bigger emails services such as Office365 and Gmail, Webmail is a much cheaper alternative where you can have as many email boxes as you need, the only limit is your email storage space and bandwidth.

Horde or Roundcube + Calendar.

Webmails comes with interface options of Horde or Roundcube. Both of which have the facilities of basic calendar functions and more.

Keep yourself and your team updated everywhere, anytime

If you travel frequently and work from remote locations, this can be the most crucial advantage of webmail. You can access and use it from any computer with an Internet connection. That includes public access terminals such as those in libraries and hotels.

Managing emails on multiple devices is just that easy

With Webmail, you can opt for IMAP services to manage your emails across multiple devices. See sent PC or laptop sent emails from your phone or Vice Versa.

email sync

Email Features

Simple and reliable email hosting service that allows you to communicate with your customers with your own branded email address. It's just that easy to create and manage email accounts, and use it with different mail clients that you are familiar with.

Save Money - Cost Effective

Reduce your email costs when you move to Webmail from other 3rd party mail providers. Webmail as a email service is very cost effective and easy to use.

Protocols to Access your Emails

Our email hosting plans support POP3, IMAP, SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and web access, so you can use a browser or software to manage your email.

24/7 Super Support

All our hosting plans are covered by our in-house 24/7 Super Support Team. Be it via email, phone, livechat or even remote help, we will be there for you!

Frequently Asked Questions Email Solutions

What is Email Hosting?
  • An email hosting service is an Internet web hosting service that operates email servers, catered to businesses that rely on emails as their main forms of communication. Hosting House offers premium email hosting plans using Webmail that allow you to have your own personalized email from your own domain name.

Why will I need a dedicated Email Hosting plan?
  • If your business relies heavily on email communication as the main form of connecting with your clients or colleagues, we will recommend a dedicated email hosting plan to ensure the deliverability and security for your email accounts.

How can I access my Email account?
  • To aid you in choosing a suitable email hosting plan, please refer to the following questions.

    • How many email inboxes/addresses do you need?
    • Do you require any web hosting services?

    From there, our professional sales team can recommend a scalable email or web hosting plan that caters to your needs.

I have existing email accounts from another web hosting service provider, how do I transfer to Hosting House?
  • Hosting House provides free email migration service from other web hosts depending on the email platform of other host. Upon assessment of your previous hosting account, we will be able to bring over your first 5 email accounts over for free. Additional email accounts are subjected to a $10 admin fee per account.
    Otherwise, you can handle the migration to Hosting House’s hosting account. If you require our assistance with the migration, we will require the list of email addresses and password from your previous hosting provider.

Do we have any email sending limits?
  • To uphold the reputation of the shared IP address for mail hosting clients (Email Basic, Email Value, Email Plus), Hosting House sets an email sending limit on a per hour basis.
    Email Value, Email Plus, mailExpert – 200 emails per hour.

What is the maximum email attachment size?
  • There is a limit of 50 MB for outgoing emails, including email attachments. If you are sending an attachment that is more than 30 MB, we would recommend that you use FTP or third party cloud storage software such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.